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Blake Construction is one of the leading site work contractors in Lake Norman, North Carolina. Our in-house experts perform all aspects of site work construction including storm drainage, french drains, septic systems, demolition, and more.

Storm Drainage

This involves installing underground pipes to redirect water flow and prevent flooding on surfaced areas. Storm water runoff management is vital along interstate systems; within residential communities; and in areas with substantial commercial or retail buildings.


Prior to beginning staging and planning for a project, site demolition, clearing and grubbing is often needed. Proper demolition, clearing and grubbing process is important to prepare a site for topsoil stripping and bulk excavation. Our team of estimators and operators are equipped with the best available technology to complete this critical step of a project before the grading and excavating can begin.

French Drains

One of our most popular solutions is the french drain, which helps collect and divert ground water away from your home, from problem spots, and from your property. Our french drains are fully wrapped, topped with gravel, and then covered.

Septic Systems

Proper septic system installation is essential to keeping your building functioning properly. Your septic system filters water from every drain in your home or business, from sinks and tubs to toilets and laundry. If your septic system is not properly installed, it will not function properly, causing severe problems in your home. We are here to help!

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